CompTIA A+, Cisco and Apple Certified Mac Engineer.



We love Macs....simple as that. We've been fiddling about with them since before computers had internal hard drives. In fact, since computer hardware could fill a whole room! We have come across most of the problems you could ever throw at us and we love to figure out what's gone wrong and put it right.

We are friendly, polite and accommodating and we understand what it's like to be without the little box on your lap when work is pressing.

We aim to do as fast a turnaround as possible with all repairs. Customer service is a priority.


We also like to empower people to care for their computers a little better and we aim to give something back by recycling machines, for free, to our senior community and by offering preferential rates on repairs to seniors. We also volunteer at our local senior project, teaching people to use tablets & computers to access internet and email.


Give us a try. We'd love to help . . . . . . .


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