Virus / Malware / Spyware Removal


SPYWARE, ADWARE, MALWARE, TROJANS, HIJACKERS (and other truly horrible things).


Spyware and malware can make a huge difference to the speed of your internet connection. Criminals can also use these programs to acquire personal details, such as passwords, from your computer. Events like this can be prevented by installing reliable Internet Security Software.


We can install anti-virus & anti-spyware software and scan your machine for infection.

We can also check for browser hijacks. Please note that we are seeing more and more infected Macs. It is no longer true that Macs are immune from attack.

Don't wait till an attack happens and risk your data. Get protected now.



If a virus infects your computer it can cause multiple problems. It may affect the behaviour of

your machine but can, in some cases, spread to other machines on your network.

Your Mac can have a number of viruses lying dormant before being triggered.

One of the first actions in our clinic will be to test your hardware to eliminate any physical damage and then we will look to remove all viruses. Free anti spyware / anti malware programs installed.



woman standing on macbook pro

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